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Health and wellness in the gym container

When we talk about the benefits of using container in construction, practicality is as one of the most striking features, in addition to very low production of waste, of course. Now, imagine adding to these benefits a good dose of good taste.

Corrugated steel wall, plywood floors, docking two fortysomething. So far, it might seem a standard container, not for the daring architect Danilo Corbas project: Gym Container, a space that aligns well-being, leisure and healthy life, yet designed with the installation of a pool.

The two containers of 12 meters (40 feet) were coupled forming a large room with bathroom and deposit totaling 60 m². The main room has tatami mats, an area for massage, plus room for the desired devices by the customer. All environments have received glazed. During the day, a set of windows is responsible for make good use of natural light.

The choice of containers came from the client itself, which established two months as the deadline for completion of the work. Two factors were considered when choosing the steel box structure: agility and produce less waste. The building took precisely the desired period.


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